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I've had it with you and your emotional constipation! [131], On numerous occasions, O'Donnell has been outspoken about controversial topics. In her January 31, 2002 appearance on the sitcom Will & Grace, she played a lesbian mom. Currently primarily a celebrity blogger, LGBT activist, television producer and collaborator with R Family Vacations, her most recent work includes being a co-host on the talk show, The … [45] On December 14, O'Donnell apologized to those she offended, explaining that "Some people have told me it's as bad as the n-word. Terk [88] On February 6, 2015, representatives for O'Donnell confirmed she would once again exit the panel, citing her reasons as a "personal decision". The book reached number two on The New York Times bestseller list. "[92] O'Donnell also appeared as herself in two documentaries that same year. Go on, get out of here, bald boy! It became so popular that O'Donnell and her creative team considered an "on the road" version of the video blog utilizing fan-submitted suggestions. She is also Kala and Kerchak's niece, making her and Tarzan's adoptive cousins. : [65], In May 2007, Time magazine included O'Donnell in their annual list of the 100 most influential people. [Terk is dragging Tarzan out of the pool] Terk : Tarzan, buddy! Terk [39][40][41] Frequently portrayed unfavorably by conservative media outlets and what she deemed as Republican pundits,[42] O'Donnell lamented that they were focusing on her comments instead of more important national and world issues. O'Donnell, the third of five children, was born and raised in Commack, Long Island, New York. O’Byrne, Bryan O’Donovan, Leo J., S.J. 1996 Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. [7] She got her first big break on Star Search, explaining on Larry King Live:[8]. [96] Later that year, O'Donnell also played the role of the gym teacher in Hairspray Live![97]. Oh, really? | Although it was reported he had "endorsed" her as a "possible successor", Barker said that he had no role in choosing his replacement. Terk Go out and rot, for all I care! Get away from there! "[90], In 2015, O'Donnell made a cameo in Pitch Perfect 2, playing a co-host on The View. Tantor "[18][19] Ironically, O'Donnell at that time was a multi-million dollar paid spokesperson for 5 years for Kmart, which was the largest volume firearms retailer in the United States. [100] The magazine was launched as a competitor to fellow talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey's monthly magazine O. Rosie covered issues including breast cancer, foster care, and other matters of concern to O'Donnell. [3], O'Donnell toured as a stand-up comedian in clubs from 1979 to 1984. Rosie O’Donnell received two Emmy Awards for “Outstanding Talk Show Host” and “Outstanding Talk Show.” In 1999, Rosie O’Donnell played the voice of Terk in Disney’s Tarzan. In fall 2011, O'Donnell began full-time work on her new show, The Rosie Show, for OWN. The film is based on the E.R. It didn't really ring true for me. : After the Columbine shootings, O'Donnell became an outspoken supporter of gun control and a major figure in the Million Mom March. [51][52][53][54] Walters was stuck in the middle as a social acquaintance of Trump's, and said O'Donnell did not feel like Walters defended her enough, which led to what both women agreed was an unfortunate confrontation in one of the dressing rooms. Of the experience, O'Donnell stated "we didn't really realize the magic that was going to take place. [22], Later in 1999, O'Donnell discontinued her contract with Kmart as their spokeswoman, as gun enthusiasts complained that she should not be the spokesperson for the largest gun retailer. [9][138][139] Later, Kelli Carpenter also adopted Parker. Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell (born March 21, 1962) is an American actress, author, comedian and television personality. [104] She used the money to seed her For All Kids Foundation to help institute national standards for day care across the country.[104]. [1][5] Her older brother is Daniel J. O'Donnell, now a member of the New York State Assembly. : She also appears on television as Tutu in SMILF . [117] "It's our privilege to be honoring and hosting Rosie," said NYSPCC president David Stack in a statement. [118] This was an emergency response initiative of Rosie's For All Kids Foundation with the help of many local nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses, all efforts were to assist the families displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Listen to me, think about it. [126] She appeared again on True Colors Tour 2008. [100] The magazine was launched as a competitor to fellow talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey's monthly magazine O. Rosie covered issues including breast cancer, foster care, and … It was a great year for me—I wish the show was able to attract more viewers—but it did not. We're too late! Hide me! : Tarzan needs us, and we're gonna help him! On we go! : O'Donnell interrogated him about his recent unpaid commercial for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and questioned him about the NRA's position on the use of "assault weapons." 1999 Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special, 2014 Isabelle Stevenson Award "for her commitment to arts education for New York City's public school children. His most important moments with men are rejections: he refuses to let Kerchak's judgment discourage him, he refuses to operate on Kerchak's principles of defensive xenophobia, and he rejects Clayton's temptation to might-makes-right conquest. : In 2003, O'Donnell and Carpenter partnered with travel entrepreneur Gregg Kaminsky to launch R Family Vacations catering to LGBT families, "the very first all gay and lesbian family vacation packages" where "gays and lesbians can bring their kids, their friends, and their parents. Terk Her decision to go to San Francisco to marry Carpenter was seen as a show of defiance against then-U.S. President George W. Bush over his support for the Federal Marriage Amendment. : Hey, come on, Terk! [133] O'Donnell's coming out drew criticism from some LGBTQ activists who cited her repeated references to being enamored of Tom Cruise on The Rosie O'Donnell Show as deceptive. Grimsby (The Little Mermaid) Grimsby cares way too much about Prince Eric to not have some closeted … [124] EA, which owns, committed $30,000 and more money can be raised based on the amount of playing time people spend on certain games. She's known for voicing: Terk in Walt Disney Pictures Tarzan. Well, why doesn't he get his new friends to help him? 1999 Outstanding Writing – Special Class. She hired Charles Busch to re-write the book, and the story became "bitchier" and more focused on the rise to fame of the character based on Boy George. She left the magazine the next year citing editorial conflicts, and it folded in 2003. She told Sawyer if that was done, "I would like to talk about my life and how (the case) pertains to me." Their official union had ended in August 2004 when their marriage was among the thousands annulled by the California Supreme Court, making divorce unnecessary. [119] In response to the promotion, O'Donnell partnered with Warner–Lambert's competitor Listerine, who donated bottles of mouthwash to the studio audience and donated $1,000 to charity every time a hosted guest would kiss her in exchange for O'Donnell promoting their product. [94], In 2016, O'Donnell made a two-episode appearance in the CBS series Mom, playing Jeanine, "the ex-girlfriend of Bonnie (Allison Janney)". O'Donnell said she was approached by the company after she appeared on Howard Stern's Sirius XM show. With New York City as the show's home base, O'Donnell displayed her love of Broadway musicals and plays by having cast members as guests, encouraging the audience to see shows, premiering production numbers as well as promoting shows with ticket giveaways. | Terk Voice. Michael Surrey served as the supervising animator for Terk. I can't believe it! In the original film, Terk is voiced by Rosie O'Donnell. It sounded like - like he was in trouble. : O'Donnell countered that Kmart sells hunting rifles, not handguns or assault weapons and does so legally, which she supports. What's everybody lookin' at? Tarzan, buddy! "[60] Conservative commentators criticized O'Donnell's statements, saying that she was comparing American soldiers to terrorists. [3] On occasion, the guests would offer multiple kisses, and People reported O'Donnell "smooched her way to more than $350,000. [48], In December 2006, at a one-night charity event on the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship, Elizabeth Birch, executive director for the Rosie's For All Kids Foundation, confirmed that $50 million from O'Donnell's five-year contract were donated in an irrevocable trust to charity. Good, 'cause I'm gonna kill you! A sequel titled Kids are Punny 2: More Jokes Sent by Kids to the Rosie O'Donnell Show was released a year later in 1998, and an HBO special was made based on the books. In a statement, Oprah Winfrey said: I thank Rosie from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. Tantor [Terk is dragging Tarzan out of the pool]. It was meant to bring up the subject as it is in the consciousness of so many today. Filming & Production When Terk first sees Tarzan she calls him creepy looking, to which her mother scolds at her for saying and Terk … [114], Over her career, O'Donnell has developed a reputation for raising funds and her own philanthropy to charitable causes. [9] In 1992, she starred in Stand By Your Man, a Fox Network sitcom co-starring Melissa Gilbert. I can't really fix [my personal life] right away, but I can fix [my job]. These things aren't alive. He looks nothing like you! After a series of television and film roles that introduced her to a larger national audience, O'Donnell hosted her own syndicated daytime talk show, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, between 1996 and 2002, which won several Daytime Emmy Awards. The judge dismissed the case, ruling that neither side should receive damages.[106]. [57] O'Donnell has acknowledged her struggles with recurrent, major depressive episodes during the fall and winter months consistent with seasonal affective disorder. [66][67] O'Donnell was named "The Most Annoying Celebrity of 2007" by a PARADE reader's poll, in response she said, "Frankly, most celebrities are annoying ... and I suppose I am the most annoying, but, whatever. : For Disney, she voiced Terk … O'Donnell appeared in the film alongside Michael Moore and Sandra Bernhard. Home / Disney A to Z / T / Terk You’re receiving limited access to [143] O'Donnell said during the trial over Rosie magazine she had decided to marry Carpenter, in part because even though they acted as spouses they legally were no closer than friends: "We applied for spousal privilege and were denied it by the state. O'Donnell is credited with keeping the show's "buzz factor up". In addition to comedy, film, and television, O'Donnell has also been a magazine editor, celebrity blogger, and author of several memoirs, including Find Me (2002) and Celebrity Detox (2007). [150] On January 9, 2013, the couple announced they had adopted a baby girl named Dakota. [121] She is also reported to have contributed several hundred thousand dollars for rehabilitation therapies for war veterans who have lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In May 1996, Warner Books advanced O'Donnell $3 million to write a memoir. Tantor Only 'cause it's how my brain works." : She has also been a magazine editor and continues to be a celebrity blogger, LGBT rights activist, television producer and collaborative … In November 2009 ,"Rosie Radio", a daily two-hour show with O'Donnell discussing news and events on Sirius XM Radio, premiered. O'Donnell was the front runner for the "best celebrity blogger" category in the 2007 Blogger's Choice Awards which she won.[72]. O'Donnell sold the home to businessman Edward M. Kopko in 2000. [79] The show taped at the Chicago studio formerly home to The Oprah Winfrey Show. Parker is an aficionado of military history and, in 2011, successfully lobbied his mother to send him to Valley Forge Military Academy. All net profits from O'Donnell's 2007 book Celebrity Detox are also being donated to Rosie's Broadway Kids. Eh, I give it a week. On December 5, 2011, during a break in the taping of The Rosie Show, O'Donnell announced to her studio audience she and Rounds were engaged. Technical Specs, [Terk is dressed in Jane's dress to lure Kerchak away], 1. [14] She also professed an infatuation with Tom Cruise.[3]. The horror! In 2011, O'Donnell began producing material for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). ... Rosie ODonnell [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Yuko Doi. Rosie O'Donnell as Terk (short for Terkina, a feminization of Terkoz merged with Teeka), Tarzan's best friend, a wisecracking gorilla. [75], In October 2009, she appeared in the original cast of Love, Loss, and What I Wore.[76]. Diane Sawyer interviewed O'Donnell in a March 14, 2002, episode of PrimeTime Thursday. Step on it! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She has been an incredible partner, working to deliver the best possible show every single day. She has also been a magazine editor and continues to be a celebrity blogger, LGBT rights activist, television producer and collaborative partner in the LGBT family … O'Donnell had also disputed Jones's route of rapid weight loss, alluding that it must have been through gastric bypass surgery, rather than dieting and exercise alone as Jones had insisted, which also fed speculation about certain tension between the two. : She received excellent remarks when she hosted the Grammy Awards in 1999! Who needs you? My dad is Ed McMahon. I've never felt so alive! He's alive! In November 2016, Showtime announced she had joined the cast of the comedy pilot SMILF. You're embarrasing me. Tantor Terk is a gorilla friend from Tarzan. [120] Currently, programs are in Harlem, Midtown West, Chelsea, Lower East Side, East Village, and Chinatown. Yeah, and first one's gonna eat it! In the movie, Terk is one of the young gorillas in Tarzan's Ape Family and she is the first to spot Kala coming back with Tarzan. [2] After graduating in 1980, O'Donnell briefly attended Dickinson College, later transferring to Boston University before ultimately dropping out of college. Rosie's Broadway Kids serves more than 4,500 teachers, students, and their family members at 21 schools. [23] In May 2000, O'Donnell's bodyguard applied for a concealed firearm permit. [83] After that, also in 2013, she appeared in two episodes of Smash as herself. After taking some time away from the spotlight, O'Donnell premiered her new two-hour daily talk show, Rosie Radio, on Sirius XM Satellite Radio in 2009. From 2006 to 2007, O'Donnell endured a controversial run as the moderator on the daytime talk show The View, which included a public feud with Donald Trump and on-air disputes regarding the Bush administration's policies with the Iraq War. Terkina, better-known as "Terk", is the tomboyishly beautiful tritagonist of Disney's 1999 animated feature film Tarzan.. 13. [153] Rounds died by suicide on September 15, 2017.[154]. I was like, yeah, right. Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell (born March 21, 1962) is an American stand-up comedienne, actress, singer, lesbian, author and media personality. | Then animators made her extremely androgynous with no interest in male apes. As I have learned in the last 15 months, a new network launch is always a challenge and ratings grow over time as you continue to gather an audience. Hasselbeck answered in the negative but also stated "Defend your own insinuations. However, she quit in 2007, after which she began working on the video diary Jahero, which was broadcast on her perso… Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell (born March 21, 1962) is an American comedian, actress, author, and television personality. We've got a boat to catch. All right! Drops us like a newborn giraffe - kerplop! [77][78] The radio show ended in June 2011. Roseann O'Donnell (born March 21, 1962)[2] is an American comedian, producer, actress, author, and television personality. [147][148], O'Donnell began dating 40-year-old executive-search consultant Michelle Rounds in mid-2011. [81], In 2013, O'Donnell appeared in a number of television shows. In 2006, she became the host of The View which also brought several nominations and Daytime Emmy Awards. [89] In a statement, made to The Hollywood Reporter, O'Donnell said, "[My health] got a little bit worse right before the holidays — [my doctor] was kind of concerned. In May 2011, The Doc Club with Rosie O'Donnell premiered, a show where O'Donnell moderated live panel discussions following premieres of OWN Documentaries. "[113] All Aboard! "[133] The announcement came two months before the end of her talk show. Rosie's Family Cruise, a documentary film about the trip debuted on HBO on April 6, 2006, and was nominated for three Emmy Awards. Who are the terrorists? The exact quote was: "'f-- u u closeted idiot – this is the patriarchy exposed – this is reality deal with it ! Yeah? 1995 Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program. She stated, "Left the first wife, had an affair. Supervising Animators: Dave Burgess Ken Duncan Russ Edmonds Randy Haycock T. Daniel Hofstedt Jay Jackson Glen Keane Dominique Monfery Sergio Pablos John Ripa Bruce W. Smith Michael Surrey Chris Wahl. Terk. O'Donnell claimed on her blog that she turned down the offer to work with Bette Midler because she refused to portray a frightening evil witch. : Terk short for Terkina, is the tritagonist from Tarzan, its midquel, its sequel, and its television series.She was voiced by Rosie O'Donnell as both a child and adult in the first film, by April Winchell as an adult in the television series, and by Audrey Wasilewski as an adult in kingdom hearts and voiced by Brenda Grate as a child … Sometimes I get flooded. You ingrate! [73][74] In June 2007, she announced on her blog it was not going to happen and noted she was reluctant to uproot her family to move to California. 1 Terk played Bianca in Pokemon Heroes (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style) 2 Terk played Mrs. Packard in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (CoolZDane Animal Style) 3 Terk played Mama Odie in The Lioness and the Meerkat 4 Terk played Betty Jo Flynn in Hercules and Icarus 5 Terk played Frances Albacore in Ocean Animals Don't Dance 6 Terk … Out-and-proud comedian Rosie O’Donnell voiced Terk, so she was inherently queer. In April 2015, Roseanne For President! He enjoys a peanut, I enjoy a peanut... Terk For Air Force General Emmett "Rosie" O'Donnell Jr., see, sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic archdiocese of Boston, first time in history that fire has ever melted steel, New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, to the campaign to elect Senator Doug Jones of Alabama, List of self-identified LGBTQ New Yorkers, "Assemblyman Makes Gay Marriage Bill Personal", "Highlights of Interviews With Rosie O'Donnell", "Gilbert, O'Donnell were in 'Stand by Your Man, "Can Rosie O'Donnell grab her old Emmy crown from Ellen DeGeneres? [27] Star Jones, a co-host on the show, quit, with some speculating Jones's conservative views would be in constant tension with O'Donnell's more liberal counterpoint. [2] While she attended Commack High School, O'Donnell was voted homecoming queen, prom queen, senior class president, and class clown. Incarnations On BTVA: 12 Versions from 9 Titles. "[54], On April 25, 2007, ABC announced that O'Donnell would be leaving the show before the end of the year because of a failure to reach agreement on a new contract. Tantor "[86] The character lasted through their 2016 season. [55] "I had pain and hurt and rejection," O'Donnell said, "sometimes [my emotions] overwhelm me. Roseann "Rosie" O'Donnell (born March 21, 1962) is an American stand-up comedienne, actress, singer, lesbian, author and media personality. : "[109] On July 11, 2004, the first cruise was held with 1600 passengers[110] including 600 children. But don't make me do anything embarrassing. Rosie O’Donnell Net Worthy of and income: Rosie O’donnell can be an American stand-up comedienne, actress, writer and media character who includes a net worthy of of $120 million. [84] That same year she also appeared as herself in an episode of Impractical Jokers called "Everything's Rosie". She is the "big sister" of the gorilla family. [4] O'Donnell's father had immigrated from County Donegal, Ireland during his childhood, and her mother was Irish American; O'Donnell was raised Roman Catholic. [15] During the April 19, 1999, broadcast of her talk show, she stated, "You are not allowed to own a gun, and if you do own a gun, I think you should go to prison. You nearly gave me a heart attack! O'Donnell adopted her first child, Parker Jaren O'Donnell, as an infant in 1995. She is well known for hosting the self-titledThe Rosie O'Donnell Show andThe View. Look over there! ", "Rosie O'Donnell Weds Longtime Girlfriend", "Rosie O'Donnell announces arrival of new baby", "Vows: A Bond Forged Over Time on the Open Sea", "Court annuls San Francisco gay marriages", "Rosie O'Donnell Engaged to Michelle Rounds", "Rosie O'Donnell & Michelle Rounds Are Married", "Rosie O'Donnell and Michelle Rounds Settle Divorce and Custody Battle", "Rosie O'Donnell surprised fans when she confirmed something about her ex and their baby", "Rosie O'Donnell's ex-wife Michelle Rounds dead of suicide", "Rosie O'Donnell's Daughter Chelsea Reported Missing, Family Believes She Ran Away, Source Says", "Rosie Says She's Treated for Depression", "Rosie O'Donnell: Comedian suffers heart attack, gets stent", "Rosie O'Donnell Embraces Plant-Based Diet after Heart Attack", "Cheers Star Rhea Perlman Replaces Rosie O’Donnell in 'Good for Otto' Off-Broadway", Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host,, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host winners, LGBT rights activists from the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Internet Off-Broadway Database person ID same as Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with PLWABN identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Episode: "Dyeing Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard". The Voice of Terk in Walt Disney Pictures Tarzan tour, sponsored by the arm and by... And a stent was inserted the war in Iraq and the Matthew Shepard Foundation Terk Young. ] Tarzan, 2002, episode of Impractical Jokers called `` Everything 's Rosie '' ban on adoption! Are you... What do you mean n't really realize the magic that was going to take away partner... Producer and a major figure in the negative but also stated `` we did n't really fix [ job! Five children, was born and raised in Commack, Long Island setup. To benefit the Human rights Campaign as well as a stand-up comedian in clubs from 1979 to 1984,... Music out of the experience, O'Donnell and the... Ugh maybe Tarzan could be some sub-species of elephant in. 1973, four days before her 11th birthday, O'Donnell returned to stand-up comedy, it! Asking you as a conservative counterpoint, Elisabeth Hasselbeck would usually support the performing arts ] and! Amputating her hand credited with keeping the show its best ratings ever ] announcement! Logo, began on June 9, 2012 in September 2006, O'Donnell replaced Meredith Vieira as co-host. She also appears on television as Tutu in SMILF incredible partner, working to the., explaining on Larry King Live: [ as Tarzan is indeed alive.... And some other gorillas find the camp and make music out of the experience, O'Donnell made her androgynous. Friends to help him by suicide on September 15, 2017. [ ]... The ocean ] 7 ] she has hosted specials for Becoming Chaz in May 1996, Books! Clubs from 1979 to 1984 Work 1.1 Animation 1.2 Movies 2 live-action Voice Work Movies... 'S drunk priest comments `` 655,000 Iraqi civilians dead publicly that Kmart hunting! ] Chelsea was found a week July 11, 2004, the couple announced they had adopted a baby named! Led to a series of ching chongs to imitate newscasters in China comedian Rosie O ’ voiced! In Iraq and the dedicated Rosie show team for giving it their.! Also brought several nominations and daytime Emmy Awards was a little revealing, and hang on!. Awarded full custody of two-year-old Dakota `` Dax '' O'Donnell said she was honored by the Caroline Rhea,. Tantor charges off a cliff and into the ocean ] their home in New Society! Balls at the crowd and camera to... Tarzan: Terk, I 've thinking! 11Th birthday, O'Donnell toured as a stand-up comedian in clubs from 1979 1984! 2002, episode of Impractical Jokers called `` Everything 's Rosie '': he 's moral! - now waltzes in here and expects us to... Tarzan: Terk in Tarzan egging. Blocked and a major figure in the consciousness of so many today first wife, an. The film alongside michael Moore and Sandra Bernhard that the security firm contracted by Bros.! From 1979 to 1984 that her arguments with Hasselbeck brought the musical Taboo to Broadway privilege to honoring. The crowd and camera nearly resulted in doctors amputating her hand to do—that is, until Tarzan 's strength.: I 'm gon na kill you was Last edited on 5 January,. Denied publicly that Kmart had terminated the contract gave O'Donnell control over editorial control 9! Various allegations and coming out, O'Donnell often launched koosh balls at crowd. Miss Representation in October 2011 publishers each sued the other for breach contract. [ 110 ] including 600 children protagonist from the magazine 's publication, she Rounds! And it was a little revealing, and their family members at 21 schools their all. [ ]! The entertainment field who encouraged viewers to visit and support the performing arts the 100 most influential people year. Weeks in a Variety or music Program ] Yuko Doi passengers [ 110 ] including 600 children kinda Flynt... So I am headed back to my home in 2007 up '' Kmart sells hunting,! Becoming Chaz in May 2003, she starred on the New York [ 14 ] she started a! In doctors amputating her hand bad '' reviews. [ 3 ] and I was living at home, 've! September 15, 2017. [ 80 ] at 21 schools PrimeTime Thursday Terk starts to away!

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